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GoGo Games Ipad Game for Young Learners

Go Go Games is a great iPad app for young learners. It is basically a set of games designed to help kids suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorders ( ASD ) in learning to quickly notice multiple features of the objects in the world around them.

Although GO GO Games was designed for ASD kids , it can also provide valuable learning play for all other children especially toddlers, pre-schoolers, and kindergartners working on visual discrimination, matching, and pattern recognition.

Here are some features of Go Go Games :

  • 3 different matching games to support a broad range of children on the autism spectrum
  • 6 levels of difficulty to help a child to observe, scan, focus, and categorize
  • Touch-sensitivity and responsiveness for players with fine motor challenges
  • Positive rewards with verbal praise and delightful sounds to boost confidence; stress-free gaming experience with no penalties
  • Original artwork, music, real voice files, and colorful animations 
Watch the video below to learn more about Go Go Games