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9 Great Math Apps for Android

Free Mobile Technology for Teachers has compiled for you some of the best Android Math apps. You can use them with your students and kids to get them learning Math in more enjoyable ways. The apps range from Math for beginners to Math for advanced learners. Go through them and see which ones you like. In case you have other suggestions or additions, please share with us in the comment form below.

1- Einstein Math Academy

Playing the game is easy (finding equation that works), but mastering it is hard due to the cleverly crafted scoring system. Make strategical decisions and improve skills to plan ahead.
Each equation found adds to your score with a base score that's multiplied by a bonus:
1. Use the silver and gold pieces to increase base score
2. Use the center colored number (previous answer) to increase bonus multiplier.."

2- Math Workout

Math/Maths Workout is a set of daily brain training exercises and math drills designed to enhance mental arithmetic......."

3- Brain Excerciser

Fun, challenging and gives your brain a little needed exercise.
If you want to get your kid a head start in learning math, download Brain Exerciser for them. If you yourself need a quick refresher on the basics, download Brain Exerciser. This thing won’t reteach you calculus or help you on that trigonometry test, but if you haven’t crunched numbers for a while it’s a nice, refreshing way to get your brain moving again."

4- Mental Math Free

Learn some secrets of mental math and become good with numbers!
Become good with numbers. Practice makes perfect! Let's enjoy mental math and train your brain!.."

5- Falling Math

Simple but challenging, Falling Math is one of the BEST math games on the Android market!! DOWNLOAD IT FREE TODAY!.."

6- Arithmetic for Kids Free

" ARITHMETICS is the most recent of the Arithmo math and puzzle game apps that are quickly becoming a worldwide sensation. Arithmo ™ is the extremely popular series of math number puzzles from Zoki Games™, a leader in educational games that develop brain function and sharpen minds..."

7- Baby Learns Numbers

aby Learns Numbers is a mathematical enlightening game for babies. It has 2 scenes to choose from. Your baby can learn and understand numbers and quantities while playing and enjoying the underwater world scene and the Panda fishing scene..."

8- Mini Train

Arrange the blocks to help the mini train reach the tunnel. Click and drag objects to make safe path for train to reach goal. Arrange the pieces provided in each level to allow your train to reach the tunnel. Can you help the train pass through all 24 levels?.."

9- Purple Invaders

The sequel to the popular physics game Purple Trouble. More levels, more fun, more adventure in the land of Purple....."

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