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Samsung Galaxy Tab10.1 VS iPad 2 Comparison of Features

I have been doing reviews of some popular tablets here for quite some tine now and have devoted an entire section for these reviews called Tablet Reviews. I normally go through the features of a tablet and provide both the pros and cons of each device . I also try the maximum to avoid subjectivity and be logically objective. I also do not ask people to buy  any tablet or phone I cover. The purpose of these reviews is solely help readers and probably future users of these mobile appliances make better and informed decisions when it comes to choosing from the bundle of devices available on-line. They can compare features and see what works best for them. Anyway I have been receiving emails asking me to post an article covering a comparison between iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

I have already covered these two tablets in separate posts one is called Review of iPad 2 Best Features and the other is called Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Best features. You can read these posts if you still have not and I have one addition here which is a table that sums up all the features of both iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1. The table has been made by RaniDababneh and therefore all credits go back to this website and not mine.

                             Samsung Galaxy Tab10.1 against iPad 2


Watch this video to learn more about the difference between Samsung Galaxy Tab10.1 and iPad 2

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