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Review of Android Ice Cream Sandwich Best Features

Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich ( ICS ) as is known by users all over the globe is Google's latest OS. Samsung Galaxy Nexus is running it now and will soon be on some tablets too. Since the launch of Android project almost three years ago,  Ice Cream Sandwich has been one of the major updgrades we have ever witnessed marking  the start of a new era of good user experience as well as a massive number of bullet points on the list of features.

Supposing that you are already familiar with the previous versions of Android namely Gingerbread ( optimized for phone platforms ) and Honeycomb ( optimized for tablets ) I will focus on just the bigger picture features that are new to Ice Cream Sandwich.

 icecream sandwich

Some features of Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Here is a list of the main features that Android Ice Cream Sandwich offers to its users:

  • It is the latest upgrade of Google OS
  • It has a gorgeous set of  home screen ( 5 in total )
  • The home screen displays a transparent search bar, a stylized clock, and a round icon denoting a folder that is pre-filled with Google services.
  • Users can customize their home screen as they want by dragging and dropping app icons on top of one another.
  • Resizable widgets is another Ice Cream Sandwich addition
  • To navigate around yo are provided three softkeys: Multi tasking or recent apps, Home, and Back
  • The Contact list has a different font called Roboto and a pleasant clean blue and white interface
  • With each updgrade of Android, Google improves the keyboard system and once again it came up witha new version of the software.small and subtle vibrations have been added to the keypress. Speech to text is also enhanced with real time feedback and instant cloud- based prediction delivering results as you speak
  • Internet browser has also been changed especially the tabbed browsing. Users can now see the entire set of open internet pages simply by scrolling verticallythrough the thumbnail.
  • The camera and video recording have also been improved. Users can now record in time lapse mode, set the white balance and also add in silly video effects too.

Watch this video to earn more about Ice Cream Sandwich

Here is how to install Android Ice Cream Sandwich

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