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50Languages A Free Android App for Language Learning

50Languages is a great Android app. It allows its users to learn different languages for free using their own native tongue. This is in fact one of the must have apps for students learning a new language. I wish I had it when I was learning French 15 years ago It would have been much easier.

50Languages is the mobile version of the popular This latter provides more than 100 lessons illustrated with basic vocabulary for people looking forward to grasp the communicative pillars of a new language. This app offers only 30 lessons but are really so helpful .

50 lahnguages

Using 50Language will not make of you a fluent speaker of a second language overnight, no, this needs so much work but using this smart app you will be able to speak short sentences in real world situations in no time. It combines audio and text and is available in over 40 languages including the  widespread tongues such as English, French,Spanish, German, Chinese and many more0 You will also find more than1600  language conbinations such as German to English, English to Spanish, Spanish to Chinese..ect.

Here are some screenshots of 50Languages


Head over to Android market and download 50Languages.

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